This book has been written for children to read. It is especially planned for boys and girls about eight years old who wish to become members of Christ's Church.
This book is intended to help the child come to grips with the basic message of the gospel. That message is that God loves children, reveals this love in Jesus Christ, and encourages each child to relate himself to Christ. Such a relationship helps a person live a satisfying and worthwhile life.

There has been no attempt in this book to try to include all the facts that a Church member should know. The emphasis has been placed on presenting concepts that will help the child develop a better relationship with God and his fellow man. A closely related purpose of this study is to help the child feel that God is real, close, and concerned about him.

Some children may have difficulty with some of the words in the text. As a pastor, parent, or teacher you can give them assistance or can read parts or all of the book to them. You will also want to discuss the ideas presented and at times make assignments for the child to accomplish between lessons.