by F. Henry Edwards

Studies in the Life and Ministry of Jesus appeared in Church school quarterly form in 1928 and as a book in 1940. In 1950, in a "revised edition," a few chapter sequences were rearranged and chapters on "The Holy Spirit" and "Jesus and His Father" replaced those on "The Apostle of Our Profession" and "The Missionary Methods of Jesus."

In this book no basic changes have been made, but some of the chapters have been revised so as to augment from the beginning the emphasis on the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Also, "The Ascension" has been discussed in an additional chapter (44). A chapter on the "New Age" of the Spirit has been introduced (46). The chapter, "Jesus and the Scriptures," has been spread over various chapters (43). The earlier chapter, "Jesus in the Experience of Christianity," has been combined with "Jesus in Latter Day Saint Experience" (50, 51). The discussion, "How Can We Know Christ," has been spread over previous chapters to make room for "Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

The earlier editions of this book contained a chapter entitled "Christ in the Western Hemisphere" (43). When I was preparing this edition, it seemed that the emphasis here was not as consistent with the theme of the book as a whole as might be desired. So I rewrote that chapter. In the revised version, my concern has been to indicate the major emphases on the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus as the Book of Mormon presents them. I have tried to let the book speak for itself and have avoided, so far as I could, secondary comment which might distract from my basic purpose.