developed by Diane Anderson Ludy and Paul V. Ludy

Through games we can learn even serious things with joy. This booklet of 8.5x11" sheets contains fun and effective learning games for classes and family night activities. Some of them are ready-made and self-contained; a teacher or director can use them exactly as they are. Others require some preparation of materials before presentation. 38 pages.


Alpha and Omega—Make a chain of correct answers across a grid.

Concentration—Match picture cards or pictures with dates or events.

Do You Know the Verses?—Complete the phrases from familiar hymns and the Scriptures.

Jeopardy—Share knowledge about a variety of categories.

Match Up the Verses—Match parts of hymns or verses of the Scriptures as a mixer.

Pantomime—Display events from the Scriptures that another team can guess.

Restoration Acrostic—Answer questions to fill in the words of a verse of the Scriptures.

Dee and Paul have presented these materials in many branches and several reunions. They hope the Saints will recognize that games are excellent ways to learn important ideas and that they will expand or adapt the materials in the booklet for specific uses.