by Evan A. Fry

In clarity and simplicity, Evan A. Fry has presented the basic beliefs of the Restoration. For nearly a score of years Brother Fry was the radio voice of the Church. Prior to his death in 1959, he conducted a series of radio broadcasts titled "Hear Ye Him." Out of this series have been collected his most representative sermons on "fundamentals" of the gospel.

The subjects discussed bring to both the member and nonmember a clearer vision of the message of Christ. In the first chapter Brother Fry challenges the reader to consider his beliefs. From that point he leads him through nearly 400 pages of enlightening reading—helping the reader to define his concepts of Divinity and God's will in this world.

This book is offered in the earnest hope that those who read it will be led to a richer appreciation of the love of God for all mankind. Brother Fry consistently presents his and the Church's steadfast belief in the unchangeability and mercy of God, the living Christ, and the restoration of the Church to implement the fullness of the gospel.