THE RESTORATION MOVEMENT: Essays in Mormon History

edited by F. Mark McKiernan, Alma R. Blair, Paul M. Edwards

Introductory Essay: Mormonism and American Culture: Some Tentative Hypotheses by Klaus J. Hansen

Chapter 1: The Church in New York and Pennsylvania, 1816-1831 by Larry Porter

Chapter 2: Kirtland: A Stronghold for the Kingdom by Max H. Parkin

Chapter 3: The City in the Garden: Social Conflict in Jackson County, Missouri by Warren Jennings

Chapter 4: Mormonism on the Defensive: Far West, 1838-1839 by F. Mark McKiernan

Chapter 5: Dream and Nightmare: Nauvoo Revisited by Robert Bruce Flanders

Chapter 6: Nauvoo and the Council of the Twelve by T. Edgar Lyon

Chapter 7: The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Moderate Mormons by Alma R. Blair

Chapter 8: King James Strang: Joseph Smith's Successor? by William D. Russell

Chapter 9: The Latter-Day Saints in the Far West, 1847-1900 by Leonard Arrington and D. Michael Quinn

Chapter 10: Early Mormon Lifestyles; or the Saints as Human Beings by Davis Bitton

Chapter 11: The Mormon Search for Community in the Modern World by James B. Allen

Chapter 12: Theocratic-Democracy: Philosopher-King in the Reorganization by Paul M. Edwards