by Clifford A. Cole

The Old Testament is "the Scriptures" of Jesus' day and before. To most religious people today it is known for some of the outstanding stories of historic events, such as the Creation, the Flood, crossing the Red Sea, and the fall of Jericho. Three-fourths of the Bible content is found in the Old Testament, and most of it is from the pens of the prophets. To understand this part, it is well to get acquainted with these prophets, their times, their purpose in writing, and their message.

The author of this book has tried to simplify this task for you. All but two of the prophets herein discussed have chapters (books) in the Bible bearing their names. These prophets are often referred to by scholars as "major" and "minor" prophets. This does not refer to their importance in the history of the Hebrew nation, but to the volume of their writings.

The Church has long been needing a text of this kind. We need to get a deeper understanding of God's purpose with mankind as it is revealed through the lives and messages of the prophets.