by L. Taylor Hansen

Two thousand years ago a mysterious white man walked from tribe to tribe among the American Nations. He came to Peru from the Pacific, He traveled through South and Central America, among the Mayans, into Mexico and all of North America, then back to ancient Tula, from whence He departed across the Atlantic to the land of His origin. Who was this white prophet who spoke a thousand languages, healed the sick, raised the dead, and taught in the same words as Jesus Himself?

These are true Indian legends, gathered during twenty-five years of research by L. Taylor Hansen, archaeologist, from many different tribes all over the Americas. By consulting museums, libraries, and experts on folklore, she has been able to correlate the findings into this fascinating book, backed up by the spades of the diggers into ancient ruins and by all the sciences with which she is familiar. This is a book that will back up the New Testament of the East, with the Christian Indian legends of the West. In this book is proof that the Savior came not only to one continent, but to all the world. This book will strengthen your faith as no other could!

(Note:  While this is not really an RLDS book, it is an excellent resource to support the Book of Mormon account of Jesus Christ in America.)