by Arthur A. Oakman

He Who Is rises out of a long period of study and evangelistic ministry.

The series of messages presented in this book were delivered by the author at the World Church Institute in Evangelism in the Auditorium at Independence, Missouri, during April, 1963. The decision to publish the sermons followed frequent requests that this series be made available in book form.

This book is concerned with giving its readers a better insight into the attributes of God. The chapter titles indicate the areas of concern which Apostle Oakman discusses. The creative powers of God are treated in the first section. Then follows "The Nature of Humanity," which discusses our likeness to the Lord Jesus.

From this beginning, the book moves into "The Idea of Restoration," "The Divine Condescension," "The Divine Suffering and Death," "The Divine Glory," and "The Idea of Millennium."

Elder Oakman points out in his foreword that the point of view expressed in this book is "basic to our whole endeavor," but is not all-inclusive. He sees it as a stimulation to others to search for the answers that will bring a greater understanding of God.