by George M. Njeim

The germ thought of this booklet had its origin in the attack of the hungry sensation writers of the Depression years who were trying to earn a scanty penny at the sacrifice of their intellectual honesty by besmirching the character of Joseph Smith.

Even if we were wrong in attributing to these writers, Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Broady, an ulterior motive, we certainly are not wrong in questioning their reasoning faculties. Joseph Smith made claims to prophetic inspiration, and whether he was right or wrong is entirely up to time to verify. Their judgment of the man was based upon what biased historians have said and on what contested statements the man is supposed to have made.

Joseph Smith, however, has left us a wealth of information in the Book of Mormon and in the Doctrine and Covenants regarding his prophetic gift. Why not attack him on these uncontested works? These alone, and not what others have said about him, reveal his character.

In the following pages there is contained what we feel to be a just approach for those who may be trying to determine the source of inspiration that came to Joseph Smith. Our hope is that this method may be found free of taint, and that it may help those who are seriously looking for a verification of the truthfulness of the inspiration behind the restored gospel.