by Verda E. Bryant

After my book, Between the Covers of the Book of Mormon, was published in 1945, I determined to write the story of the Doctrine and Covenants’ testimony that Jesus lives and speaks in our day in such a manner that even the children would understand and thrill to its message.

I began this story then, but after several chapters realized I did not know enough to continue, and I shelved it. Seven years later, at the suggestion of Apostle Reed Holmes, I tried again, but the manuscript as then presented was rejected by the publishers. Again it found its place upon the shelf, and I was discouraged.

During a reunion prayer meeting in 1956, Apostle Maurice Draper, who presided, suggested each of us bear upon his heart the name of someone we wished would embrace the gospel. My mind flew to my childhood girlfriend, to whom I had tried a number of times to tell the story. Though we had then been separated for nearly twenty years, we had maintained an active correspondence, supplemented by an occasional visit. At that time she was living in Africa with her Air Force husband.

During that 1956 reunion prayer service, I determined to redo this book and dedicate it to the children of my friend, particularly for Sandra and Frank, who were then of the age for which I wrote the story, in the hopes that perhaps it might influence their lives toward the fullness of the gospel.

I present Between the Covers of the Doctrine and Covenants to the youth of the Church and to all who desire to read a simple account of the wonderful message of a living Christ. I add my personal testimony that Jesus lives and speaks today, for I, too, have heard His voice in words that were clear and sure.