by Verda E. Bryant

I stood before a group of children at The Plains, Ohio, with a Book of Mormon in my hands. The blank looks on their faces prompted me to ask if they knew what it was. Several did. Then I asked them if they knew what was between its covers, and none did. So, impulsively, I told them I didn’t know much about it either, but that we would find out, and that each Sunday thereafter we would have a story from the Book of Mormon.

With this promise to prod me, I dug into the book and read for story content. I early decided that each story would have to be connected with the previous one. I told them in the Church school worship services as nearly as possible in the narrative style of the Book of Mormon, attempting to use the same language but simplifying the words.

Visitors from the district who occasionally heard them advised me to offer them for publication, so after completing them I typed them and sent them in.

After the story appeared in Stepping Stones, it was re-edited and revised with the help of Vida Kraus, to remove errors. The book is presented to the youth of our Church with the hope that future generations may grow into adulthood with a better understanding and appreciation of the Book of Mormon because they have learned its story.