by Verda E. Bryant

Throughout my years of teaching in church school, camps, and reunions, I have talked with many young people. Most of them have gone through a faith-shaking period of trying to make the transition between the stories of the Bible they have heard as children and the treatment given ancient history in their study of the sciences and the Bible itself in the colleges of our country.

Even the student who is fortunate to have an understanding, God-fearing teacher goes through a terrific trial as he adjusts from the Bible of his childhood to the Bible of his college studies. The one who studies under an atheist meets a hurdle that is almost insurmountable. I have seen something of the turmoil of these young people as their faith is tried, and my heart has gone out to them. I knew I could not prevent them from being so taught, but I might be able to help prepare them for this kind of teaching and give guidance that they might find answers to their questions.

Joseph Smith, the latter-day prophet, admonished: "Seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning even by study and also by faith."

This book is an effort to do just that. It presents the basic Bible history in story form, using key phrases in biblical language. It attempts to analyze both the conclusions drawn by scholars and the traditional interpretations of the Bible in an endeavor to find a point where they might be harmonized.

I present Between the Covers of the Old Testament to the youth of the Church, and to all who desire to strengthen their faith in the "Good Book." My personal testimony is that I have learned to love my Bible and to understand much better what is between its covers by applying the principle of learning by study and by faith.