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Anthony, Joseph H., Birds of a Feather, 1978 reprint
Bradley, Ruth O., Great Themes from the Book of Mormon
Brockway, Edith, The Golden Land
Butterworth, F. Edward, Adventures of a South Sea Missionary
Butterworth, F. Edward, Irby
Cheville, Roy A., By What Authority
Cheville, Roy A., Expectations for Endowed Living
Cheville, Roy A., Growing Up in Religion
Cheville, Roy A., Joseph and Emma, Companions
Cheville, Roy A., Meet Them in the Scriptures
Cheville, Roy A., Scriptures from Ancient America
Cheville, Roy A., Spiritual Health
Cheville, Roy A., They Sang of the Restoration
Cheville, Roy A., Through the West Door
Cheville, Roy A., When Teen-agers Talk Theology
Children’s Hymnal
Church, Olive, A Time of Rebellion
Conduff, Sara, Because He Cares
Decade of the Best, A,
DeLapp, G. Leslie, In the World
Draper, Maurice, Marriage in the Restoration
Edwards, F. Henry, Authority and Spiritual Power
Edwards, F. Henry, Commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants
Edwards, F. Henry, God Our Help, 1943, hard and soft
Edwards, Paul M., The Hilltop Where
Farrow, Percy E., God’s Eternal Design
Galbraith, Madelyn, There Is a Book
Gibson, Margaret Wilson, Emma Smith, the Elect Lady, 1954, hard and soft
Gilberts, Helen, Sariah
Griffiths, Gomer T., The Instructor [the cover says “Instuctor”], 1977 reprint
Hartman, Frances, Poetic Voices of the Restoration
Henderson, John and Lilli, Discovery of the Last Chapter (Vol 1 and 2)
Henderson, John and Lilli, Keys to the Hidden Mysteries
Henderson, John and Lilli, Secrets of the Last Sunrise
Holm, Francis W., The Mormon Churches—A Comparison from Within, hard
Howard, Richard P, The Church Through the Years (volumes 1 and 2))
Hymnal for Youth, 1951, hard
Keairnes, Grace, A Reasonable Service, 1922
Landon, Donald, To Be the Salt of the Earth
Launius, Ardie, Today’s Frontier
Living Testimonies (Book 1)
McKiernan, F. Mark, and others, The Restoration Movement: Essays in Mormon History
Milner, Winifred M., Light from the Dust
Oakman, Arthur A., God’s Spiritual Universe
Oakman, Elva T., and Lillie Jennings, It Can Be Fun!
Preston, John, Peter Bosten, hard and soft
Priesthood Orientation Studies
Research in Mormonism, hard
Ruoff, Norman D., comp., Testimonies of the Restoration
Russell, Naomi, Light from the Valley
Salyards, Christiana, The Enduring Word, hard and soft
Sanford, Mabel A., Joseph’s City Beautiful, hard and soft
Sarre, Winifred Turner, If With All Your Heart
Short, Viola, The Fourth Relaford, hard and soft
Simmons, Florence Whipple, The Boundless Quest
Smith, Elbert A., Joe Pine, 1971 reprint
Smith, Elbert A., Restoration: A Study in Prophecy
Smith, Elbert A., Square Blocks, 1968 reprint
Smith, Mildred Nelson, The Word of Wisdom, 1977
Stienon, Elaine, Utah Spring
Tinkham, Ruby, The Unwilling Saint
Townsend, Elsie, Always the Frontier
Walter, Gladys Mae, Three Jumps Ahead of the Squirrels
Weldon, Roy E., and F. Edward Butterworth, Book of Mormon Claims and Evidences (Vol 1 only)
Wellington, Paul A., ed., Readings on Concepts of Zion
Wellington, Paul A., ed., Challenges to Kingdom Building
Whiting, Biloine, and Josephine Skelton, North of Heaven
Young, Fred L., Ministry of Reconciliation
Young, Fred L., The Saints at Prayer



by Emma M. Phillips

Over the past century and a half, thousands of women have lived and died in a Christian cause called the Restoration movement. Out of this long list of women of the Church, the author has extracted a group of thirty-three to be representative examples of the kinds of lives which have helped the Church to grow.

Because their biographies appear in this book does not make them heroines over and above the other women of the Restoration movement. They stand on a level with the unsung—and in many cases now unknown—women of our faith who reared sons and daughters in our tradition and talked to their neighbors about the gospel, and who cleaned churches, built fires, taught classes, quilted and tied "comforts," and did the myriad other tasks required on the frontier of service.

It is to our loss and our shame that we have not done a better job of collecting and retaining the information necessary to make a permanent record of the lives of more of our pioneer women. Many of their experiences, would bring to our young people a greater appreciation for the energies spent that we might now worship as we do.

The biographies in this book are arranged in chronological order. As you read, you will notice the changing times and changing problems that have confronted our women. From these stories of service and sacrifice, both adult and young can gain a greater insight into our history and a higher regard for the cause these women fostered.


,h3>by Chris B. Hartshorn

Many commentaries on the Bible have been available from other sources, and our own Church has published a commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants since 1938, but this is the first time our people have had ready access to a Book of Mormon commentary.

This is not a complete commentary in the sense that each verse is thoroughly explored; rather the author has chosen the more significant passages in each chapter for comment. Those parts of the Book of Mormon which seemed to him to offer some problems or difficulties have received extensive treatment.

The order of presentation in this book follows that found in the Book of Mormon. To locate a particular subject, the author suggests that the reader use A Concordance to the Book of Mormon, published by Herald House. Then use this commentary to get further light associated with the text by the use of references from other books. Immediately following the contents page is a "Proper Names Pronunciation Guide," which adds greatly to the value of this book. This guide was reviewed by several Church authorities and represents their consensus of opinion. It should do much to standardize Book of Mormon pronunciations throughout the Church.

Reference literature will have value to the reader to the extent that he is able to find readily the helps it offers. Therefore, several indexes have been prepared by the author and placed in the back of the book: (1) index to bibliography; (2) reference indexes to our standard Scriptures; ( 3) a topical index.

We commend this book for study by every member of the Church and by all students who wish to investigate the Book of Mormon more thoroughly.


by F. Henry Edwards

This is the second revised edition of a popular work which was first published in 1938. This book first came into being because of a long-felt need of our members to have more complete knowledge of the historical background of the revelations printed in the Doctrine and Covenants. This book attempts to accumulate in one spot the necessary background for this understanding. The author has taken great care to faithfully interpret the conditions and experiences related to each revelation.

This edition covers Sections 1 through 144. Later editions covering additional sections are titled A New Commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants and The Edwards Commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants.


In 1960 Elbert A. Smith, former presiding patriarch and longtime member of the first presidency, was memorialized by the establishment of a journalism award in his name. Writing had been his most appreciated talent. He had been a contributor and editor for the Saints' Herald for over a half century.

The Elbert A. Smith Memorial Award was to be given annually to the person "writing the Saints' Herald article judged best to reflect...the high standards of originality, insight, and constructive emphasis set by Elbert A. Smith." The first award was made in 1961 to Clair E. Weldon, a seventy serving at that time in Central and South America. His timely article, "Brazil—An Open Door," presented a view of the opening of new missions abroad, then in the midst of dynamic expansion. Since that date, ten additional awards have been given.

In most instances, the chosen articles have had a timeless quality—they will have value for years to come. It is for this reason that they have been collected into book form. The award-winning articles of the last decade (1961-1970) comprise the bulk of this volume.


by F. Henry Edwards

When my first commentary was published in 1938, it was felt that a study of the historical background of the revelations in the book of Doctrine and Covenants was needed. In the six printings of the Commentary, it was revised at a number of points, generally to bring it up-to-date; but the passage of time, the receipt of further guidance, and the development of emphases not covered hitherto have combined to advise the preparation and publication of this book.

Nearly 150 years separate us from the times in which the earliest sections of the Doctrine and Covenants were given. We have forgotten, if we have ever known, many small but important details of Church history which provide light for understanding the words of the prophets. This book attempts to provide some of the desired background as faithfully as possible.
This edition differs from the earlier printings in three major respects: some biographical notes formerly included have been eliminated since they are now available in Church History, Volumes 5, 6, 7, and 8; a considerable number of comments on the text have been added; and the book has been brought up-to-date.

This is the 1977 edition, which contains Sections 1-152 (1976). Two earlier editions are generally available. A later edition, entitled The Edwards Commentary..., was published in 1986.


By Elbert A. Smith

52 pages

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