by L. Wayne Updike

The Center Stake of Zion (Independence, Missouri) has held a special Melchisedec priesthood lecture series on important theological subjects. In 1957 L. Wayne Updike delivered the lectures, and he core of discussion was the basic principle of "repentance." From the notes for this series Brother Updike has prepared this book.

Recognizing the problem of communicating the meaning of words, he has devoted the entire first chapter to a discussion of the definition of "The Principle of Repentance." As a basis for succeeding chapters, the definition, "a conscious positive response to an ever-increasing revelation of God," is formulated and expanded. As he puts it: "The chapters that follow are windows letting in more light upon the subject thus partially defined."

Elder Updike has endeavored to make a simple, straightforward analysis of the subject rather than presenting a great mass of material for the student to sort through. Intentionally, then, the lectures are brief. But they are packed with illustrations and bring an insight into the principle of repentance.

We recommend this book to all people who are searching for an understanding of the basic principle leading to salvation—repentance.