by Janice Norris Fountain

I had been raised to believe the Scriptures—the Inspired Version of the Holy Scriptures, Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants. I had the understanding they revealed an unchangeable God and His will. At that time I thought maybe I was wrong. After all, I didn't know the Scriptures that well. I knew the class I taught was well-received by young people and that I had experienced great liberty and help from the Holy Spirit every time I taught the class. My general lack of knowledge really worried me; and I began asking the Lord again, "Can we depend on the Scriptures? Are the prophecies going to be fulfilled? If it were true two thousand years ago, is it true now?"

It was about that time that I received a little booklet by a Messianic Jew named Zola Levitt. It was entitled, The Seven Feasts of Israel, (Levitt 1979). I was extremely curious because it told about seven feast days or Sabbaths listed in Leviticus. The seven feast days are like little prophecies (types and shadows) of the Coming of Christ (Messiah). The first four feasts are about his First Coming (death and resurrection), and the last three feasts are about his Second Coming.
I was interested in the feasts, but I simply did not understand the Old Testament. All those sacrifices made God seem like a bloodthirsty God. Why did sacrifices have to be? It really bothered me, animal lover that I am! Furthermore, I knew nothing about the Second Coming of Christ. What was it all about?

With amazement I read of the overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ is truly the long-awaited Messiah. The Jews had been rehearsing His coming for centuries by participating in exact detail in the seven feasts of Israel.
Did the Book of Mormon or Doctrine and Covenants say anything about these feasts? Certainly, if those books were of Divine origin, there should be something in them about all of this. Thus began the thrilling research that has held my intense interest ever since.

"Volume 2" of this book is really an enlarged, second edition of the first book.