by Verneil W. Simmons

My wife has spent many years analyzing and researching the Book of Mormon's peoples. their lands, and their cultures; and this book is the result of her discoveries. The Book of Mormon takes on new life as she reviews Ether's account in the light of the cultural world of Sumer, where Jared's people began their epic migration. Our knowledge of Lehi's story is immeasurably enriched when she reviews the daily life of prophets and kings of the period of the Babylonian Conquest of Judah.

Her book should serve to enlarge one’s background knowledge of the peoples whose testimonies and prophecies we treasure. It makes an excellent commentary on the many human interest stories of the record. While she has never intended that it serve as an interpretation of doctrine, she has linked many prophetic statements, giving the Book of Mormon student a better grasp of the continuity between prophets such as Nephi and Alma, or Mormon, or Moroni.

I can highly recommend Peoples, Places and Prophecies as carrying a special testimony of the ministry and role of Christ—testimony greatly needed in our world of today. It is our hope that this book will serve to inspire the reader to search the greater depths of the Book of Mormon. That book was written by prophets, abridged by a prophet, and translated by a prophet. Surely the world today should know and enjoy such a prophetic record. —Wayne E. Simmons