by John Preston

Peter Bosten was introduced to the Church with great fanfare in 1915. Advertisements in the Herald read: "As up-to-date a novel in point of plot, action, and characterization as you can buy. Characters are taken from real life. You will identify with them. A wonderful vehicle for spreading the spirit of the gospel. An unequaled gift for your 'outsider' friends."

The author is a Canadian, John Preston Buschlen. As you read this book, you will note that the style is in many ways different from today's novel. But at the time it was written, it fit the style of the period.

Peter Bosten, the hero of the novel, is an agnostic. He cannot believe in God. Yet there is something about the Church that is appealing to him. He meets and falls in love with a Church girl, but a gulf opens between them as time passes. Years full of events slip by. Is the agnostic converted? Read the story and see.