by Donald W. Savage

We live in the final hours of our world, the evening of the sixth day as the Scriptures liken it. Momentous God-directed events without parallel and only a shadow of precedent are shortly to transpire—to the final, utter joy of the men, women and children who choose God, and the final, utter consternation of those who do not.

These closing dramatic years of time will be played out in the activities of people like ourselves. Mankind will continue preparing for life, earning their daily living, rearing their families, and seeking those goals and things which entice them most.

Those enticed by the things of God will increasingly sense the urge of His Spirit to build stewardships of knowledge and understanding. On that sure foundation they will be able not only to stand as society and nations swirl in distraction—they will be a light to the world that others who want to hear of God may hear of God, to their salvation also.

The chapters which follow are intended to assist the reader to recognize and understand God's Lordship in this great finale. May the earnest disciple enjoy that process of purification which accompanies study, understanding, and good works.