by Christiana Salyards

Students of the church will welcome the present volume, The Enduring Word from the pen of Sister Christiana Salyards.

After a half-century of intensive study and most devoted service to the Church in the preparation of lesson materials, the author brings this offering, which in many ways sums up a lifetime of effort. From the rich resources of the Standard Books of the Church, supplemented with library research, the enduring word of God is presented as the message of Christ, designed in the beginning, taught to Adam, and declared in beauty and in power in successive ages of the past.

It is the same enduring message which was declared by angelic ministration to Joseph Smith and the early founders of the Restoration. The gospel of latter days is but the recommitment of the Word in our day, the revelation of the divine plan for the establishment of the Kingdom in the latter days.

We find most impelling lessons for the building of Zion today in the Word of God made effective in Enoch's city, sounded in the call of the prophets, beautifully illustrated in the early Christian Church, and in the golden age of the Nephites.

The author has faithfully gathered materials and presented the message in four parts, which conveniently provide the four quarters' study for the year. These titles are significant:

First quarter: The Story of Life; Second quarter: This Dark World's Light; Third quarter: The Veiled Gospel; Fourth quarter: The Restoration.

The lessons of the text carry a message of light and hope and faith to all who would understand the divine will as revealed in the Scriptures of the Church. The lessons provide an abundance of information and inspiration—the background of our belief and faith in the Restoration.