by Madelyn Galbraith

Frank Faz, a columnist tired of city life, decides to teach in the village of Alhaja for a change of pace. Life in this small Mexican community brings a wide range of experiences to him. He not only teaches but becomes the surrogate father in a "shelter house" for homeless boys, falls in love, and finds a new religion.

While Frank is the leading character and Alhaja the main stage, there are many supporting members in the cast and frequent changes of scenery. The plot is an involved one, with numerous secondary dramas sharing the stage with the major one. Out of the maze of personalities and problems a happy ending emerges.

As in her previous works (Feather in the Wind and There Is a Book), Madelyn Galbraith uses the story as a vehicle for presenting the Book of Mormon message. Mexican archaeology figures prominently in the presentation, with travel among the ruins providing the necessary setting for questions and answers concerning ancient American history.

Readers who enjoyed the first two Galbraith novels will find Village in the Sun their kind of book.