by Leonard J. Lea

The author of this book was for 19 years the managing editor of the Saints' Herald. His writings have always been well received, and they have had a broad influence on the thinking of many people. He has had a large following of readers over a period of 30 years.

This book represents a memorial to the author. Following his death in April of 1960, the editorial staff at Herald Publishing House started the task of compiling some of his best writings for a volume that would enrich his memory in this and future generations. It was a difficult task, but an effort was made to include his thinking from his earliest contributions up to the final year of his life.

The articles appear in chronological order to record his growth and varying interests as the years passed. It is with pleasure that we present this book to the reading public. The messages will give inspiration, comfort, sound advice, and the assurance born out of deep and meaningful experiences of a good man.