by Roy A. Cheville

Many have written asking for the stories behind the distinctive hymns of the Restoration. Here, at last, is the fulfillment of these requests.

Dr. Cheville has collected all the information he could secure about the songs that have become favorites of the Church. He has worked to eliminate fictional legends that may have grown up during the years; he has stuck to the facts but has woven in a spiritual quality that makes you feel "good all over" as you relive the events of history dear to the heart of every Reorganized Latter Day Saint.

Part One sets the stage for the Restoration as it recounts in vivid word pictures the progress of religious hymn singing down through the centuries. Part Two collects many little-known experiences surrounding the songs written in the early Church. Parts Three and Four present the hymns of the Reorganization, and Part Five looks into the future and charts the course of subsequent hymn writing.

Although similar books have been printed in the past, this is undoubtedly the most complete and authentic collection of favorite RLDS songs. Dr. Cheville has specifically prepared this book so that it can be conveniently used in worship services of the Church. But it is fascinating reading for the home—for individual study or group enjoyment.