by Madelyn Galbraith

"Mr. Salazar, when the Americas were visited—or perhaps I should say invaded—by the outside world, the intruders found remnants of a civilization superior to their own. Archaeology has proved that the natives of these countries—and I am referring to both North and South America— had brought with them a fully developed culture. Where did they get it?

"Somewhere, Mr. Salazar, there has to be a book written by the historians of that age. Each civilization has left some sort of record behind. This one did also, and only when this book is found will we have the real story of the Indian."

There Is a Book is the story of one man’s lifetime search and the broadening of his social consciousness and spiritual perspective in the searching. Santiago Salazar, a wealthy Mexican landowner of Indian ancestry, is forced to a search for identity by the death first of his wife (and incident to this, loss of his career as an artist), then that of his son Tony, and finally rejection by his idolized grandson Romero.

Romantic interest is provided by the meeting of Marquita Salazar, Santiago’s daughter, and Dr. Phillip Parmarez, son of Santiago’s lifelong friend Carlos. Other colorful characters—Santiago’s sister Elodia and foster daughter Chavelita, the village priest Father Clemente, blind Gregorio, and the unfortunate Dr. Mendoza—combine to weave a compelling tale as one man’s life unfolds.

The Indian legends of the Fair God as told to Santiago and Romero will be especially interesting to Book of Mormon students.