compiled by Norman D. Ruoff

The pages of the Restoration Witness contain many stories of persons struggling to find place and purpose in a world moving at tremendous speed. This compilation brings together a number of the more pertinent ones. The anchor for all who share their testimony in these pages is in a God who cares enough to reach into their busy lives and guide them to a recognition of divinity. Many times this is a simple testimony of a Lord who does no more than stir the mind of the seeker to explore—and the exploration becomes a lifetime pursuit of the Infinite.

This book invites the reader to seek after that which is good and, on finding it, share it with his fellow man. If one wishes to "ponder anew what the Almighty can do," it will not be hard to spend time with any given testimony, but the book is designed for casual reading. Warmth instead of depth was the guide in selecting material.