by F. Edward Butterworth

Here is a fascinating, true story of the experiences of the missionary stalwart of the South Seas, John Hawkins. As a young man, this Englishman migrated to the Polynesian islands and witnessed the arrival of the Timoleon, which brought the first missionaries of the Church.

He saw the changes that took place in the islands and endured many dramatic and dangerous situations that developed when the French occupied the islands and brought the natives under their control.

This book brings to life a very colorful era in the history of the early Church, and combines romance, adventure, and history in a land of enchantment. Most of the incidents are based upon facts drawn from published accounts. Many of the details have been drawn from interviews with other missionaries who were well acquainted with John Hawkins. Elder Aberahama Fauura, great-grandson of John Hawkins, provided much of the personal description of the principal character of the book.

The introduction of the gospel in the lives of South Sea Islanders will take on new meaning as you relive some of the thrilling sequences of these early days.