by Paul M. Edwards

This is a record of the first seventy-five years of Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa. Perhaps in some ways it is also a history of that institution and of the people, the events, and the ideas that shaped and maintained it. But more than a history or a record of the institutional life of Graceland College, this is designed to be a memory of those, and for those, who found on the rain-soaked and sun-baked hills of Iowa a place and a time to put mind and body in order. The institution, like the men and women that manned it, changed daily, yearly, and by decades. Like the human body, each change was small and almost imperceptible. And yet, when viewed over the years, these changes are the college's growth from the first faltering steps of the idea to the structured organization that represents its maturity.

The dreams of those early men and women have been formed in stone and brick, in programs and in curriculum. But the vision—at its very best—rests in the men and women whose lives are somehow more significant because they have passed this way.