by Edith Brockway

From the city of Babil and the great tower Etemenanki to a golden land of rare beauty and promise was a long journey for the boy Ori. Go with him as he and his family leave the flooded city, following the vision of the Ancient One.

"There is a land that stands alone amid the great waters, golden in the sunlight .... Your faces are the ones I saw there," the old man had said.

Meet the mighty hunter Nimrod, Jared and Gilgah, the coltish then lovely Baba. Follow Ori into captivity among the Amorites and help him build ships with the Egyptian Sephar.

Based on the Book of Mormon record written by Ether concerning the origins of his people, this fictional account of the Jaredite migration is an absorbing adventure story.

Carefully researched and written in prose that often approximates poetry, this book will have appeal for every member of the family.