by Evan A. Fry

These 25 sermonettes were originally delivered over KMBC radio in Kansas City, MO. Each carries some personal message for growth and salvation. You are promised 15 minutes of profitable and enjoyable reading with any one of these selected sermonettes. Out of the hundreds which this popular radio minister has delivered over the air, these have been chosen by him as worthy of preservation in book form.

It would be too much to expect that this little volume would present all the gospel message to this age, but that part which these pages contain is full of gospel truth. The book deals with vital subjects in a clear and convincing manner.

The author is noted for his directness and vivid expression. You will find that he limits his goal to a particular subject and then reaches that goal by the most direct course. His illustrations and many-sided views are to make certain that his readers are not lost. Evan Fry knows what he wants to say and says it.