by Aleah G. Koury

Those already familiar with the Restoration movement initiated by Joseph Smith, Jr., will recall his murder in June, 1844, as the beginning of a dark and cloudy day. Fourteen years of organized endeavor, with growth too fast for assimilation and incessant harassment by enemies, left the new Church unready to solve problems of leadership, faith, and practice. There were competition for leadership and innovations of doctrine. There was also division.

Some followed Brigham Young westward in the great Mormon migration to Utah. Some of these, disillusioned by novelties of doctrine and church management, returned on the same trails to settle in Iowa. Many of them parted company with the Latter Day Saints. Others joined with those who had remained in Illinois to reorganize their forces and eventually to accept the leadership of "Young Joseph," eldest son of the martyred leader.

Through the years, the Reorganization has endeavored to remove the onus of distorted beliefs. To do this, various attempts have been made to clarify the issues between the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the church in Utah, which is commonly designated Mormon.

This book is a forthright statement of positions which need clarification. The intent is to minister with courage and compassion in order that the truth and its evidence may be known.