by Ardie Launius

I was raised and schooled in a religion which taught me to fear God; I was told that it is a sin to question God's ways. I was expected to blindly accept what I was taught. As I looked around me and saw the injustices in everyday life, particularly to little children, I could not accept the "God-image" I had learned. My concept of God revolved around fear.

In my early twenties I said and meant, "If there is such a being out there somewhere, I don't want any part of Him." This agnostic attitude spilled over into my life, and I lost hope. Each day was a struggle. There was little happiness in my life. Coping with three small children was difficult—and my husband and I agreed to disagree.

Good people came into our lives teaching us the ways of Christ. They taught us the love of our heavenly Father. I was helped to understand that it was not God who caused my attitudes, but the false picture of God I had been taught. My only fear of God now is that I cannot do enough for His cause. I want with all my heart to live a life of appreciation to my Lord.

Because I have experienced life on the great frontier with God to some degree, I want to share my own and others' testimonies about our Master. It is my hope that those who feel as I once felt might experience the kindling of that beautiful Spirit of God burning in their lives.

I have come to know the love and mercy of God's plan for His children through the teachings of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The experiences in this book were contributed by members of this Church because of my personal association with them. However, this book is written to help others understand that God’s love is universal.