by Cecil R. Ettinger

This book presents seven lessons about basic Restoration beliefs. The chapters were developed from a youth missionary series presented by Apostle Ettinger in the Center Stake of Zion.

Although the title is Thy Kingdom Come, the theme "The Purpose of Life" runs throughout the book. The overall purpose in life is to share with God in His work, not only now but through eternity. And Latter Day Saints should be committed to this purpose inasmuch as they are concerned with making the world in which we live a better place. Religion offers the means of building up the quality of man's life.

Through the redemption of Christ, all men can have true joy and a purpose in life. This is why it is important that we learn about God and Christ. When we learn of Them, we learn of eternal things. We discover that the greatest adventure the world has to offer is found in the Church as we participate in the building of God's Kingdom.

When enough people throughout the world are sufficiently transformed into the likeness of Christ, it will flourish as an ensign to the world. This little volume encourages us to find purpose in living and join in the cause that will culminate in the building of God's Kingdom.