by George A. Njeim

The sacrament of the Lord's Supper has always been the source and center of Christian worship.

The author holds fast to the belief that the Eucharist was instituted and ordered by Jesus. In confirmation of this he uses the account of the Lord's Supper as found in the Book of Mormon.

The New Testament account on the subject is also reviewed; differing interpretations placed on it in the course of time are discussed; and the critical problem is studied. The amazing result, when the two accounts are compared, is the harmony that emerges on so many points in the gospel of John and the Book of Mormon. The most surprising, however, is the discovery of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to use when consecrating the emblems.

The book is written to clarify the question which has arisen in the Reorganization regarding open and close communion, but its value goes beyond that. Any individual interested in the subject will gain new insights from it.