by F. Edward Butterworth

The whaler Timoleon carrying the first Latter Day Saint missionaries to the South Sea Islands arrived in Polynesia April 30, 1844. One hundred years later, I followed the fascinating trail of these dedicated men and recorded my experiences in the book, Adventures of a South Sea Missionary. To contrast this with the way the islands were a century earlier, I wrote a second book, Adventures of John Hawkins, Restoration Pioneer.This book is a sequel to this latter work and covers 100 years of South Sea Island history. In it appear rare photographs, diaries, biographies, autobiographies, and other materials never before published.

To confirm the accuracy of many of the important events described here, I personally interviewed eyewitnesses, recording many of their comments on wire and tape.

Another valuable source of history for this work was the native mission paper Te Orometua. I have preserved a complete set. From these sources, as well as from published letters and news items found in early Church publications, I have attempted in this volume to bring into focus an otherwise forgotten chapter in the history of the Restoration in Polynesia.