by Naomi Russell

Light from the Valley is an account of a unique experiment conducted by men and women "to whom much has been given" for some of the neediest of people in Central America.

Covering roughly twenty years, it begins with Dr. John Blumenschein's dream of sharing the benefits of modern medicine, education, and agriculture in a setting of genuine Christian concern. It progresses through his death, the return of his family to the States, and the formation of the La Buena Fe Foundation to continue the work which the Blumenscheins started in an upland valley of northeastern Honduras.

The "light" generated by this project has spread not only to surrounding villages but to the city also. It has touched hundreds of lives in this little-known third-world country; and they, in turn, have brought a new perspective to many of the people from other nations who have assisted in the work.

It is a story of suffering and struggle and ultimate success. The first of its kind, the La Buena Fe venture provides an inspiring chapter in both religious and secular history