by Francis Harper, Jr.

A former editor of a well-known Christian periodical wrote of being asked by his son, "Dad, what do you know about God?" This young man, like many today, needed to hear a testimony straight from the heart! I have been prompted by the Spirit to write of the things the Lord has so graciously revealed to me.
I love to hear or read a testimony of someone who can say, "I know .... " In the past, I have usually prefaced my remarks with, "I think" or "I believe." More recently, I have heard myself speaking with greater certainty about the things God has made known to me. The souls of many are presently dying because of the lack of knowledge of spiritual things. The words of the prophet Hosea are being fulfilled today as never before, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6).

Through the pages of this book, I hope to reach a few of those who are hungering and thirsting for truth. Like a spring of water which cannot be stopped, I must let my testimony flow out to you. I must write and give the reasons for the hope that is within me. May you be refreshed and your thirst quenched by the living waters that the Lord may allow to flow through me.