by F. Henry Edwards

This book is the result of my deep feeling that a major need for these difficult days is a renewed and deeper faith in God. There is nothing final or very original about it. It is merely a testimony which demanded expression. It is sent out with an earnest desire that it will prove helpful to those who read it.

The best way I can imagine to express my debt of gratitude to those who have helped me is to pass on my own testimony.

God Our Help was written in 1943 "in answer to the greatest and most enduring of the spiritual needs of every man and woman who thinks seriously of life"—to understand one's relation to God, to the realities of the universe, to the moral order, and to men and women in the world. It treats personal problems that are met in the way. And it gives an answer to human questioning, characteristic of the best in the Christian message, the best in the Restoration.