by F. Edward Butterworth

This is a series of four books recasting the language of the Book of Mormon into the vocabulary of youth. It is based on actual accounts kept by scribes of many generations who were eyewitnesses to a drama filled with mystery, excitement, and intrigue.

The author was a missionary of the Church, who spent much time studying our unique record of scripture written in the setting of ancient America. In this series he visualized the rise and fall of a fantastic civilization rooted in the genesis of time.

Care has been taken to make the conversations and descriptions of the narrative agree with the original records, as well as with the known cultural and historical facts of the period.

The sword of Laban is the artifact which links the four volumes of this unfolding drama. It first appears in chapter one of the Book of Mormon and is one of the items deposited in Hill Cumorah as the curtain drops on this ancient history. It rises to view from time to time during the more than a thousand years of the Nephites. It again reappears as its story foundations the restoration of the gospel. The saga of The Sword of Laban is therefore appropriately named.

For those who have never understood the true purpose or meaning of the Book of Mormon, this book will fill a particular need. We recommend it to the present generation and to those yet to come.