by Roy A. Cheville

"The Church's major concern is to help a person become a somebody who is not going to run down at half-past time." This statement from Spiritual Health is, practically speaking, the purpose of the book.

Drawing on his years of experience as teacher, evangelist, confidant of old and young, and father to the Church in all the world, Dr. Cheville gives a common-sense guide to a richer, happier life. "In healthy spirituality we see the totality of God in His total universe," says the author. "To the spiritually healthy person God's universe is crowded with interesting things, and such a person has an interested and interesting God."

Divided into five parts for exploration in depth, the text moves from "The Meaning of Health in God's Universe" to "Units for Furthering Healthy Living." Part IV, "Problems in Spiritual Living in Modern Life," provides stimuli for personal inventory and considers the problems inherent in fear and anxiety, loneliness, sense of guilt, and sex.