by Pearl Wilcox

The dream of the prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., of a "center place" in Independence, Missouri, did not die with the expulsion of the Saints from Missouri nor with the prophet's death. There were many who waited quietly for the time when they could return and "build up the waste places of Zion." They gradually gained acceptance in the "regions round about" and among Independence townspeople by the quality of their lives and left a rich legacy for those who would follow.

This book is divided into three parts: "Regions Round About," "The Center Place," and "Years of Prosperity and Growth." The appendix, biographical kketches, and index add to the documentation. Little-known stories of well-known people who made Reorganized Church history make highly absorbing reading, and rare photographs add to the value of the book.

Descendants of pioneers of the Reorganization will be particularly grateful for the wealth of memorabilia in Saints of the Reorganization in Missouri.