by Fred L. Young

Prayer seems to be a common expression of all religious traditions. This suggests the universality of its meaning. But its use is related to where we place God in our lives. Truly meaningful prayer is a God-centered activity. In this book, the author discusses the place of prayer in our lives and the need of approaching God in such a way as to make our praying a living experience. As he points out in his first chapter: "We do not stand afar off and fearfully hide our eyes, nor do we bow down before a stone image and utter meaningless words. In prayer to God we seek to draw close and be with Him."

Prayer also is an intimate relationship with God. We say things in our prayers to God that we will not reveal to others—our innermost hopes, our fears, our weaknesses. The opening chapters lead us to better understanding of the factors important in attaining the nearness and intimacy we seek.

Other sections of the book discuss the more formal aspects of prayer and the occasions for group and public prayer. At the close of the book a section of well-known prayer thoughts has been assembled for times of meditation.