compiled by Frances Hartman

Here is the first anthology of verse published by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The poems have been selected by Frances Hartman of Independence, Missouri, from publications of the Church over the past century. All of them have been written by Latter Day Saints.

Miss Hartman in her research found "there is beauty in the lives of Latter Day Saints, and more and more of that beauty is finding expression in the fine arts. In sharing beauty with each other, we reach some of the peaks of our human experience."

All of these poems express a message that has come out of some personal experience; many of them are of superior literary quality. They form an excellent source for use in public worship, and they will fill the need of many a heart for meditative reading. We feel sure you will be well satisfied with this volume on your reading table and will want to share its contents with many of your friends. Its complete indexes (author, title, first line) make it easy to find a favorite poem to reread or use at an appropriate time.

Here is your opportunity to discover the poetic voices that are an outgrowth of the theological foundations of the Restoration.