by Biloine Whiting and Josephine Skelton

Here is the story of the followers of Alpheus Cutler and their trek to the "land between two lakes"—the place of prophecy where Father Cutler sent his people, guided by Uncle Vet and Mr. Denna, to build Clitherall and to await the coming of the "Moses Man" who was to lead them back to Zion.

Here, too, is the story of the Whitlow family, of home-loving Jen and tall, strong Luke, and their children: the self-righteous Effie; AIlan, who somehow was dissatisfied with the austere Cutlerite beliefs and went to hear the "Josephite" preacher; sweet, shy May, with the healing touch in her hands; and Cordie, who was just born a Cutlerite, for she didn't have it in her mind or heart; and, of course, lively little Granny.

In this dramatic story, the authors have recaptured the spirit of the pioneers, the mood, the seriousness, the sense of conflict with the work, the occasional questionings and uncertainties, and the sufferings and privations of the people