by Roy A. Cheville

Dr. Roy A. Cheville, presiding patriarch-evangelist of the Church, has written this book to help bring men and women of the Scriptures into the home. To appreciate the Scriptures, he believes, we must become acquainted with those who are in them. They must come alive in their own time and own setting.

The author calls this a course in "appreciating persons." He writes in his foreword to this book: "Thee Scriptures are honest. They portray human nature as it actually was. In them we meet sinners and saints, cowards and courageous men, selfish and sacrificing persons. They are there without being painted over.

"The chief message of the Scriptures is that lives may be changed for good as they permit God's lifting power to transform them. They also point out how lives that get out of contact with God deteriorate.

''The more we live with genuinely spiritual men, the more we can appreciate their spirituality. The Scriptures are rich in such persons. Something good happens in us as we live with them. In the family is a good place to come to know these interesting persons."

Dr. Cheville leads the reader to an acquaintance with persons named and described in some detail in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and in the Doctrine and Covenants. He gathers together in each chapter people of similar characteristics and experience. For instance, notice some of his chapter titles: “Pioneers Who Led the Way,” “Prophets Who Saw More Clearly,” “Poets Who Sang Their Message,” “Philosophers Who Put Things Together,” “Fathers Who Understood,” and “Mothers Who Inspired.”

You'll gain a better appreciation for our Scriptures and the people who "starred" in them by reading this book.