by Mildred Nelson Smith

A number of years ago I became aware that the nature of the work of the men called to the priesthood office of seventy was not widely understood. Even many of those who knew of the seventy seemed to think the work consisted of conducting preaching series and cottage meetings. These activities were supposedly interspersed with excellent meals and leisurely visits in the homes of Saints and prospective Saints with little or no concern for the social problems or physical needs of the people.

I asked Joseph Pearson, who was editor of Stride magazine at the time, if I might write some stories for that magazine telling of our experiences as a seventy family. In the ten stories that were printed, I tried to develop a more nearly correct image of the seventy and his work.

Since then I have been asked to expand my writing to book length. This I have done, hoping that it not only will increase an understanding of the work of the seventy but will testify of the validity of the call of God to service in this area of ministry.