by Mabel Sanford Atkinson

This little volume should have a strong appeal to young people who want to get the content of the Book of Mormon in action story form. It is not another book about the Book of Mormon; neither does it attempt to give archaeological or historic evidences in its support; it is the language and content of the Book of Mormon in simplified and abbreviated form.

The title of this book comes from a passage in the prophecy of Isaiah (18:1). A magazine artist added his imagination to simulate a bird with outspread wings, which is reproduced in the preface. That America is a land of destiny is plainly stated in the Book of Mormon. Young Americans need to get this vision.

The chronological order of the original text is followed in this book. The repetitious phrases and even entire paragraphs and sections of the Book of Mormon have been eliminated. Both young and old will find Mrs. Atkinson’s treatment fresh, accurate, and delightful.