by F. Edward Butterworth

Irby is the story of a man who was known as a champion cowboy at the rodeos, the "Candy Man" to thousands of children, and a most caring and considerate person by all who knew him. While one would not ordinarily associate these terms with a single person, Irby Mundy was no ordinary man. He had the unusual ability to combine all parts of life into a harmonious whole without apparent conflict. He was equally at home on the range and in the concert hall; he loved the wide open places, yet he was content to be "confined" in church buildings whenever there were any activities going on.

Wherever he was, he was himself, and he accepted others as themselves without qualification.

Sprinkled with the unique chatter labeled "Mundianese," Irby’s story is told with humor and insight into the character and life of this most unusual individual. Those who have been privileged to know him, who have been the recipients of his famous green-ink cards or his day-old bakery goods, and those who have missed his presence in the seats "front and center" will appreciate spending some time once again with Irby. Those who never knew this remarkable man will appreciate the chance to become acquainted with him through the pages of this book.