by G. Leslie DeLapp

Bishop DeLapp, presiding financial officer of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for twenty-six years, retired from his official duties in 1966. However, his active life has continued in the "world" community without abatement.

The title of this book comes out of the bishop's basic calling to serve the Church "yet to live in the world, associate with all men of goodwill, and join hands wherever possible to build a better Church and a better community."

Bishop DeLapp's wholesome philosophy is threaded skillfully through the book. He tells of its application during his tenure, and evaluates the needs and goals of the Church in the light of an expanding economy and changing world conditions. He recognizes the impossibility of a stagnant view of the world and the place of the Church in it.

The introduction gives the reader an excellent view of the experiences which prepared Brother DeLapp to steer the Church through hectic financial upheaval to the firmer base of operations in today's Church. The eleven chapters which follow summarize his philosophy of financial, social, and spiritual disciplines necessary to participate in the building of the Kingdom of God.

This is a book of testimony, a statement of faith in the future. It should instill courage and fortitude in its readers as they look with the author at opportunities for growth ahead.