by Arthur A. Oakman

"We are the inheritors of a most wonderful spiritual tradition—an inheritance that not only gives meaning to the past, but offers guidance to the future." So writes Apostle Oakman in the first chapter of this book.

"What is the faith of the Church? Let us bear in mind that it is a 'faith,' not a system of morals, nor a code of ethics, nor a panacea for the ills of the world. This faith is an assumption of the truth, and an enlightenment of life, based upon a revelation of that truth. It is not a philosophy of existence, but an insight into the life of God."

Apostle Oakman says that in this book he has endeavored to bear testimony of that which "I know and most assuredly believe." In such testimony faith is conceived, and faith is one of the keys to knowledge of spiritual things. The discussion of these mysteries of eternity is presented by one of the great thinkers of the Church.