by Madelyn Galbraith

This is a religious novel. The first eleven chapters are about some ordinary people who show no concern for God or religion. Ross Corson, a mining engineer and operator with large holdings in Mexico, brought his son Jock to James Academy "over in the States" after the boy’s mother died. Here Jock met Carol King, the owner of a bookstore. Finding that Jock loved to read, she helped fill his lonely hours with books and gave him other motherly attentions. Then Jock became poisoned against her by a school companion known as "Brick," whose relations with women in general had made him cynical.

To save Jock from this influence, the principal of James Academy sent for Ross and talked him into hiring Carol as his housekeeper. Because of the complications another woman employee would cause at La Casa, the mansion at the Mexican ranch, Ross worked out a plan of contract marriage with Miss King.

The Church enters the story when a former Gracelander, Kerry Vale, was secured as a tutor for Jock. A little later the entire family was driven out of La Casa by an insurrection in Mexico which caused the family to seek refuge in the States. Here they all received the gospel.

Of course, Ross fell in love with Carol, and the contract became mutually binding. The story of how Russel and Ross were converted and built up a branch amidst suspicion and persecution is the climax of the book. Every page has interesting action. There is enough of conflict and suspense to make Feather in the Wind thrilling to read while it informs and persuades. Don’t be misled by the rough exterior of some of the characters at the beginning of the book. They were only gems which needed cutting and polishing. When the gospel began to work in their lives, their real characters shone through.