by Emma M. Phillips

A sequel to 33 Women of the Restoration, this book contains biographical sketches of thirty-one women whose lives have influenced the Church since the days of its inception in upstate New York to the present time. Each has made a unique contribution: protecting the Book of Mormon plates, being the first freed slave to unite with the Church in the South, providing quarters for the original conference of the Reorganization, helping establish a frontier mission, organizing a women's aid group, teaching, translating, writing, and singing.

In some cases these dynamic women were directly responsible for motivating their husbands to serve the Church. Often life for them was difficult—particularly when they were left at home to tend the farm or family business while their men went out to preach the gospel or minister in a leadership role. Always they did it willingly.

Whatever the service or sacrifice, whatever the era, all of these women had one thing in common—a faith that demanded their best effort. They had no calls, no ordinations, but their ministry touched many people. Because of them, lives were changed not only in their generation but in succeeding ones. The Church has been blessed because they were "dedicated to serve."